1:The Primal Groudon Part 1 1/6 After discovering Brendan defeated the champion of Hoenn, Brendan bosses May around. But they both have to put their feud behind and rescue the primal pokemons Kyogre and Groudon.

2:The Primal Kyogre Part 2 11/6 The two find a chain to rescue the both primals but can't do it without a special object.

3: Prank Wars 23/6 Brendan and May have a war to see which has the most strategy.

4:Brendan The Model 14/7 Brendan gets a photo with model and becomes famous.

5: Rumor Of The Chain 15/7 There is a rumor in Poke School.

6: The Visitors from Kalos! 10/8 Serena and Calem come along Brendan' house and they talk about the Mega Evolution.

7: The Mega Ring 3/9 Steven Stone is trying to get Brendan and May's mega stones to get rayquaza.

8: The Plusle and Minun 4/9 Brendan hides a minun and plusle.

9: Secret Door 5/9 6/9 TBA

10: Mount Caper 7/9 The two go on a camp full of mysterious Pokémon from the Kalos Region.

11: The Voice 8/9 TBA

12: The Mega Metagross 13/10 TBA

13: Touya Likes May 1/12 Touya is a guy who likes may and Brendan gets jealous.

14: Singing on Stage 2/12 Touya invites May to a carnival.

15: Toy Con 15/1 Team Aqua is back and want revenge.

16: Dark Void 16/1 Darkrai uses dark void for a potion to the mega ring.

17: Spark! 17/1 TBA

18: Poke School Is Burned! 19/1 Brendan and May have to fund raise money for Poke School.

19: Truth It Up! 13/4 The gang play truth or dare.

20: Pilot 14/4 The episode begins with everyone not imagining to not follow their dreams.

21: Story of The Neverlands 20/4

22: Touya hates May 21/4 Touya is in team Aqua and needs May to help.

23: Peezy Z 22/4 Brendan meets Peezy Z a rapper from the 1800's.

24: Hot Fame 23/4 TBA

25: Touya In A Well 24/4 Team Aqua rejects Touya after his behaviour so Touya tricks May to get him.

26: Gold Is Precious 25/4 Touya steals a golden necklace to prove he is still in Team Aqua which he is again by Archie, the team captain of Team Aqua.

27: Believe Or Not to Believe 26/4 Brendan believes that he can be a master. But May thinks he won't get it which makes them both have revenge.

28: Brendan's Story 1/5 Brendan tells a recap of the season so far.

29: May's Story 1/5 May tells a preview of the next season.

30: Harmonic Convergence 20/7 Groudon and Kyogre have a harmonic convergence making it hard for Brendan and May to get them back.

31: Brendan <3 May 21/7 Brendan develops feelings for May.

32: I Saved Your Life Didn't I? 22/8 Brendan doesn't remember anything.

33: Memory Wave 23/8 TBA

34: Knock Out 24/8 Brendan hits Peezy Z after an incident, Brendan is not shy anymore and May doesn't like it.

35: Dude! You're All over the place!! 13/9 Brendan's confidence continues to grow bigger and bulkier making May question his and her relationship.

36: Epic Island 15/9 After Brendan tells he is with a new girl Peyton to get off May, May asks Touya to come over for a double date. Wally comes and sees May in town and has a crush on her.

37: Jet Fuel 23/9 Annie is a girl who likes to invent things along with James. They created a rocket that could blast the earth. But Brendan takes Peyton on this mission and not May.

38: The Maxie Showdown! By going in a rocket, Maxie charges his aeroplane army.

38: The Archie Showdown! Archie goes on a submarine to spot Brendan and May's plasma ring.

39: Devon's Corporations Steven Stone introduces him self to Brendan and May but his company is ruined by the jet fuel rocket.

40: Shelly's Lost Dad Shelly helps Archie and sees a guy named Morrison, who actually is Shelly's dad by a birthmark. Shelly needs to choose between Morison or Team Aqua's revolting plans.

Note: This is a one hour season finale.

Season 2

List of 18 episodes

1: Battle Roxanne!! Brendan and May see Roxanne again. Dhalia needs Brendan again so sabotages May and Peyton.

2: The Love Triangle Kayla is back and wants Brendan. Dhalia needs him and May needs him as well!

3: I'm Gone May leaves to Brendan with Dhalia now.

4: Announcement Recipes Brendan goes to take cooking classes meanwhile, May tries to go back to Petalburgh.

5: Dresser May comes back, Brendan chooses Peyton and Dhalia's dress is ruined to May.

6: I Am Not Australian Mate By looking at a magazine, May updates her look.

7: Loose The Thing Brendan has an obsession over a cheese blanket.

8: Custom made The dress Dhalia had, was stitched again.

9: Yellow Flowers Team Aqua end their journey in the water but Shelly makes it alive.

10: Tutoring the Dumb one James needs tutoring.

11 Red Right Rabbit A game gone terribly wrong results Brendan breaking his ankle.

12 Touya likes Peyton Touya finds out Peyton is in Team Magma and tries to get her instead of May.

13 Magma Showdown Peyton and Touya are dating behind Brendan and May. But Brendan finds out.

14 Messing With the Orbs After Maxie puts signal plan to mobile, May gets shocked with one later on. Brendan tries to tell May but she doesn't trust Brendan anymore.

15 Carnivale Peyton brakes up with Brendan, May needs to get money and Morrison is running a carnival!

16 Stonker Kayla comes back and sees Peyton everywhere she goes to find her.

17 The Seasonal Dance May asks Touya to the dance but says no and May sees Touya with Peyton. May cries.

18 The Drama Queen of The Drama Queen Brendan tells a recap of the season so far with a new preview of Season 3

Season 3 Episodes 12

1 Eggspelled May is sad and tells Touya. Touya then kidnaps her in a dungeon and May can see Archie. May then knows Touya was evil and should've told Brendan. Brendan has to rescue May.

Note: One Hour Special.

2 The Romance finishes when it wants to finish Brendan's chain of love is ended when he chooses May but is scared to ask her out.

3 Something is Dishy in May's Mind May sees Brendan and tries to tell him too but she is scared.

4 The Geek, The Fraud and The Lawyer Brendan gets accused of something wild.

5 Greek to Germany May goes to Germany to meet Flannery her old best friend. But the airport closed Down on financial problems.

6 Poke Pocket By hearing a talent singer, May collects money for the dog show.

7 Planet Wars By creating a new show, Morrison gets rich but forgets memories.

8 Teach To Fly A Fletchling gets hurt and needs to fly.

9 Apocolopso By creating a medicine, The Zombie apocolapse is among us. Brendan and May must stop it.

10 The Searcher In The Meadows Annie launches the Mega Rocket.

11 Friends or Couples? Brendan and May break up.

12 Recap 3 May comes back to have a recap on season 3 so far. a recap of the rest of the season too.Season 3.5

Season 3.5

15 episodes

1 Destiny By becoming Friends Brendan and May feel awkward being friends

2 Bankrupted Morrison's bank gts stolen.

3 Beauty and The Bear By doing a play, BRENDAN follows a career in acting.

4 My Kids Are In High School Annie graduated and needs to move on with life.

5 Gardenhouse TBA

6 WaterHose TBA

7 Dream Diversion TBA

8 Malva In The House Malva comes to visit and says to Brendan and May that Looker is looking for them in the Kalos region.

8.5 Recap 3.5

Brendan tells some of the most exciting bits of Season 4 coming with only mysteries in these episodes with a preview of Season 4.

Season 4

15 Episodes

1 Looker Bearau's Secret Identity

2 The Tickets to finding Great Fortune!

3 The girl the School kid and the Espurr

4 Back Down In The Alley

5 Train Roller

6 Pumping Boot

7 The Mystery of The X Pansion Suit

8 Emma's Disguise

9 Vanisher

10 Malva's Report

11 Xerosic The Mighty

12 Following The Tracks

13 The Suit to find the Clue

14 Epilogue

15 Recap Season 4

Morrison recaps season 4 with a preview of season 5.

Season 5

10 episodes

1 The Dream Casper

2 The Typewriter and Me

3 The Little Stone House

4 Wanting To Find The Dream

5 Landscapes

6 Choosing The Pearl of the Centuary!

7 The Depending life of Mr Gregor.

8 Mr Morrison's Skateboard

9 12 O Knock

10 Recap season 5

Dhalia recaps the season with a preview of season 6.

Season 6

7 episodes

1 Sugar Magic

2 The Motor to blood

3 Fever Lever

4 Metor in the Sky

5 Notion for a Potion

6 Recap Season 6

Annie recaps Season 6's bloopers with a preview of Season 6.5. And a new special!

7 SPECIAL: The Mega Sceptile and Swampert! Eye of the Warrior!

Season 6.5

5 episodes

1 Zapped

2 Neville Devil

3 The Australian Fan

4 Recap 6.5 Kayla recaps the season with a new preview of season 7.1.

5 SPECIAL: The Story of Morrison! Days to Sleep!

Season 7

1 Bunked

Season 7.1

1 Day dove rover

2 Brought you a gift

3 Happy B May!

4 Recap Season 7 and Season 7.1

James recaps the season with the last season. There is no preview about this recap.

Season 8

1 The Dinosaur World

2 China City

3 Car dd

4 THE Unknown that travelled to the Darkness

5 Spanish Thief

6 Goodbye Brendan and May?

7 I Recap All Seasons

Brendan, May, Morrison, Wally, Annie, Dhalia and James recap all of the seasons in the show with a preview of a new season.

Season 9

1 White lies

2 Melody Song

3 I recap 9 Brendan and May recap season 9 with a little short preview of 9.5.

Season 9.5

1 Touya's Heart

2The End of the World

3 Bared

4 Mighty Brain

5 Yes, No


7 I Recap Bloopers Touya recaps season 9.5 with a preview of season 10 the last season.


1 My End

2 I Recap Everything

Your favourites are back.

Jotho series!

1 I <3 U!

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